Business licences, 1885

FJ van Wagtendonk had a shop in Ou Tuin - Paarl District Advertiser, 11 September 1885

FJ van Wagtendonk had a shop in Ou Tuin – Paarl District Advertiser, 11 September 1885

Old newspapers are a valuable source of genealogical information, especially because they often printed long lists of names of people and businesses that had applied for trading licences. The following is an extract from the list that was printed in the Paarl District Advertiser on Wednesday, 11 February 1885.

Apothecary: F Townsend (2), C Teitge, Dr Fismer, Dr van Breda, Dr Hoffman, Dr Botha

Agric. Distiller: JJ le Roux, EG Retief, AC Siebrits, M Louw, EJ Joubert, GD Marais, AP Retief

Auctioneer: DF Marais, JF Pentz, AB de Villiers, JD Cilliers

Baker: JH Boddenryk, L Dornbrack, A Fortuin, J Krige, J Arnold, FH Skead, Mrs Herbert, JF de Villiers, LB Siebrits, H van Heerden, Mrs E Hauptfleisch, B Greef

The list was signed by Ll. Powys Jones, pro Sub-Distributor of Stamps, CC Office, The Paarl on 31 January 1885.

A complete list of all business licences issued in Paarl during 1885 (24 pages) is available on the Drakenstein Heemkring’s website.

Paarl District Advertiser, 11 February 1885


Liquor licences provide valuable genealogical data

Wine barrels (Wikimedia Commons)

Wine barrels (Wikimedia Commons)

Notice is hereby given that in terms of the provisions of Act No 28 of 1883, and 25 of 1891, a meeting of the Licensing Court for the division of Paarl, will be held in the Court Room at the Paarl, on Wednesday the 4th day of March 1896, at 10 o’clock in the forenoon, for the purpose of considering the undermentioned applications for wine and spirit Licences.

The lists printed in the De Paarl and the Paarl District Advertiser are interesting in that they provide the names of hotels and their proprietors, and also show that some residents also sold wine from the homes, as did some of the wine farmers close to town.

The list of applicants in De Paarl newspaper of 6 February 1896 included:

Bottle Store Licences, Renewals

  • Abraham Johannes de Villiers (JJ zn) at the premises of Mr J Francke (Ward No 3 Paarl)
  • G A Decker, at his premises, Market Square, Paarl
  • Isaac J Bosman, at the premises of Mrs J D Bosman (Ward No 1 Paarl)
  • John Charles Graham Mackintosh, East Street, Wellington
  • Jan de Ville Minnaar, at the premises of Mr J H L Minnaar (Ward No 1 Paarl)
  • Blignaut & Company, at their premises (Ward No 1 Paarl)
  • Frans P Hoffman, at the premises of the Paarl Berg Wijn Brandewijn en Spiritus Maatschappij, Lady Grey Bridge Station, Paarl

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