The day it snowed in Paarl

Dr Frans Petrus Bester (1875-1956), Paarl's district surgeon, standing next to his Swift motorcar (Gribble Collection, Drakenstein Heemkring, Paarl).

Dr Frans Petrus Bester (1875-1956), Paarl’s district surgeon,  next to his Swift motorcar during the snowfall (Gribble Collection, Drakenstein Heemkring, Paarl).

Today, 100 years ago – on Monday, 24 August 1914 – it snowed in Paarl’s streets. It was then, and still is, a very rare phenomenon. In fact, there is no other record in the town’s history of snow every falling in its streets. According to contemporary records, it started to snow at about 10:30 in the morning and continued for an hour and a half. The following eyewitness report appeared in the Paarl Post four days later, on 29 August, 1914. Continue reading